Hall of Fame


Mt. Misery - Once Home, No Longer
2 Jul 2021


Homeshake - Helium
15 Feb 2019DIIV - Deceiver
4 Oct 2019Baby Lemonade - S/T


Vansire - Angel Youth (Galaxy LP)
26 Apr 2018Snail Mail - Lush
8 Jun 2018George Clanton - Slide
17 Aug 2018Funeral Advantage - Body Is Dead
28 Aug 2018


Communions Blue
3 Feb 2017Homeshake - Fresh Air
3 Feb 2017Molly Burch - Please Be Mine
17 Feb 2017The Courtneys - The Courtneys II
17 Feb 2017Camera Obscura - Keep It Clean
3 Mar 2017The Primitives - New Thrills
5 May 2017Wallflower - Nowhere
May 2017Beach Fossils - Somersault
2 Jun 2017The Siddeleys - Songs From the Sidings
18 Aug 2017Alvvays - Antisocialites
8 Sep 2017


Is the Is Are
5 Feb 2016Wild Nothing
Life of Pause
19 Feb 2016Lionlimb
4 Mar 2016The Sun Days
25 Mar 2016Japanese Breakfast
1 Apr 2016Frankie Cosmos
Next Thing
1 Apr 2016Tacocat - Lost Time
1 Apr 2016Rendez-Vous
28 Apr 2016Yumi Zouma - Yoncalla
27 May 2016Whitney
Light Upon The Lake
3 Jun 2016MOURN
Ha, Ha, He
3 Jun 2016Luby Sparks
Pop. 1979
9 Jul 2016Tape Waves
Here To Fade
29 Jul 2016Communions
Don't Hold Anything Back
16 Sep 2016The Man Upstairs
Home From The Picnic
23 Sep 2016EZTV - High in Place
30 Sep 2016Negative Gemini
Body Work
Oct 2016Lia Pamina - Love Is Enough
4 Nov 2016ESPRIT 空想
25 Dec 2016


17 Feb 2015Colleen Green - I Want To Grow Up
24 Feb 2015Nic Hessler
Soft Connections
17 Mar 2015Cristina Quesada
You Are The One
6 Apr 2015The School
All I Want From You Is Everything
13 Apr 2015Bichkraft
21 Apr 2015Westkust
Last Forever
22 Apr 2015EZTV
Dust In The Sky
28 Apr 2015Novella
12 May 2015Juan Wauters
Who, Me?
12 May 2015The Reflection A.O.B.
The Complete Collection 1985 - 87
3 Jul 2015EZTV
Calling Out
10 Jul 2015Mac DeMarco - Another One
7 Aug 2015MOURN
Gertrudis, Get Through This!
7 Aug 2015Various Artists
9 Aug 2015Horsebeach / Rain Paints
28 Aug 2015Funeral Advantage
Body Is Dead
28 Aug 2015The School
Wasting Away And Wondering
4 Sep 2015Homeshake
Midnight Snack
18 Sep 2015Post Modern Team. - Time For Romances
19 Sep 2015Alpaca Sports - When You Need Me The Most
2 Oct 2015Love Parade
All We Could Have Been 1989 - 1990
9 Oct 2015Mac DeMarco
Another (Demo) One
Dec 2015


The Memories - American Summer
1 Jan 2014PEP
My Baby And Me 7inch
12 Feb 2014Alpaca Sports
Sealed With A Kiss LP/CD
24 Feb 2014Tacocat
25 Feb 2014Young Romance
Pale 7inch
10 Mar 2014Yacht Club
Tropicana 7inch
11 Mar 2014Mac DeMarco
Salad Days LP
1 Apr 2014Fear of Men
Luna Flexizine
7 Apr 2014Life Without Buildings
Any Other City LP
19 Apr 2014Fear of Men
Loom LP
19 Apr 2014V/A - Non Violent Femmes
19 Apr 2014Perfect Pussy - (I)
5 May 2014Parquet Courts - Sunbathing Animal
3 Jun 2014Craft Spells
10 Jun 2014The Yearning
Dreamboats & Lemonade
30 Jun 2014Tape Waves
Let You Go LP
28 Jul 2014Homecomings
Homecoming with me? 10inch
28 Jul 2014Marine Girls
Beach Party
Jul 2014TOPS
Change Of Heart 7inch
5 Aug 2014Mac DeMarco
2 Demos
Aug 2014Mac DeMarco
Salad Day's Demos
Aug 2014Bleached
For The Feel 7inch
16 Sep 2014Lia Pamina
How Come I 7inch
Sep 2014Marine Life
Fool Of A Kind 7inch
Sep 2014Homeshake
In the Shower
7 Oct 2014Perfect Pussy x Joanna Gruesome
Astonishing Adventures Comic+7inch vinyl
25 Nov 2014The Aquadolls
Stoked On You LP/CS/CD
2 Dec 2014Homecomings - Great Escape
Ghost World
17 Dec 2014V/A
Christmas Small Gift vol.2 Cassette Tape
20 Dec 2014


Northern Portrait
Pretty Decent Swimmers 10inch
22 Jan 2013Veronica Falls
Teenage 7inch
28 Jan 2013The History Of Apple Pie
Out Of View LP+CD
28 Jan 2013Veronica Falls
Waiting For Something To Happen LP
4 Feb 2013Haunted Hearts
Something That Feels Bad Is Something That Feels Good 7inch
5 Feb 2013Alpaca Sports
As Long as I Have You 7inch
10 Feb 2013Fear of Men
Early Fragments 12inch/CS
12 Feb 2013The Primitives
Lose The Reason 7inch
18 Feb 2013G A L P A L S
For Our Sake 7inch
18 Feb 2013Golden Grrrls
Golden Grrrls
22 Feb 2013The Bilinda Butchers
The Lover's Suicide! 7inch
5 Mar 2013Band A Part
La Aventura Original 10inch
11 Mar 2013The Carrots
New Romance LP/CD
18 Mar 2013Attic Lights
Say You Love Me
1 Apr 2013Bleached
Ride Your Heart LP
2 Apr 2013Alpaca Sports / Acid House Kings
Split 7inch
17 Apr 2013Love Dance
Elevate 7inch
Apr 2013She & Him
Volume 3
7 May 2013The Courtneys
7 Jun 2013Just Handshakes
Say It LP
13 Jun 2013The Yearning - Still In Love 10inch
17 Jun 2013Cristina Quesada
Pineapple Princess 7inch
24 Jun 2013Springtime Carnivore
Collectors 7inch
24 Jun 2013Jesse Ruins
A Film LP
Jun 2013The Memories
Love Is The Law
23 Jul 2013Alpaca Sports
He Doesn't Even Like You 7inch
1 Aug 2013Boyish
The Hidden Secrets 7inch
30 Sep 2013Fandaze
Balloon Songs 8cm CD
26 Oct 2013Fitness Forever
Cosmos LP
11 Nov 2013Anorak Joy
The First Recordings CDR
Nov 2013Night Sins
To London or the Lake LP
10 Dec 2013Homecomings
I Want You Back 7inch
24 Dec 2013


The Proper Ornaments
The Proper Ornaments 12inch
Jan 2012Cough Cool / Johnny Hawaii
Split Tape Cassette
3 Jan 2012
Hands in the Dark / Atelier Ciseaux / La Station RadarPeaking Lights
936 Remixed 12inch
Jan 2012
100% SILKBeach Fossils
Shallow 7inch
21 Feb 2012Fire Island Pines
Rickie Lee Jones EP 7inch
28 Feb 2012Fort Romeau
Kingdoms LP
6 Mar 2012Mac DeMarco
Rock and Roll Night Club
20 Mar 2012Best Friends
Throwing Up CD
26 Mar 2012
100% SILKThe School
Never Thought I'd See The Day 7inch
26 Mar 2012Crocodiles
Sunday (Psychic Conversation #9) 7inch
26 Mar 2012Slow Magic - ▲
3 Apr 2012Yohuna
Revery 7inch / Cassette
17 Apr 2012Blouse / Craft Spells
Gruesome Flowers Part 2 7inch
21 Apr 2012
Captured TracksThe Cleaners From Venus
Box Set VOL.1
21 Apr 2012
Captured TracksMedicine
Box Set
21 Apr 2012
Captured TracksDive
24 Apr 2012The Primitives
Echoes And Rhymes LP
30 Apr 2012Cassolette
Stay Heavy 7inch
Apr 2012Ariel Pink & R. Stevie Moore
Ku Klux Glam Cassette
7 May 2012
Stroll On Records / 360 Degree MusicThe Yearning
Jukebox Romance 10inch
30 Apr 2012The Heartbreaks
Funtimes LP
7 May 2012
Nusic SoundsJJ
JJ nº 4 7inch
8 May 2012Novella
S/T EP 12inch
14 May 2012The School
Reading Too Much Into Things Like Everything LP
14 May 2012Craft Spells
15 May 2012Wild Nothing
Shadow 7inch
26 Jun 2012DIIV
Oshin LP
26 Jun 2012honeyslide
Honeyslide EP CS
27 Jun 2012Ride - Going Blank Again 20th Anniversary Edition
Jun 2012Fanzine
L.A. 7inch
8 Jul 2012VA
The Sun Rises In the East CDR
9 Jul 2012The History Of Apple Pie
Do It Wrong 7inch
6 Aug 2012Blur
Under The Westway
6 Aug 2012Alpaca Sports
I Was Running 7inch
30 Aug 2012Tops
Diamond Look 7inch
10 Sep 2012French Films
When People Like You Filled The Heavens 7inch
21 Sep 2012Mac Demarco
2 LP
16 Oct 2012Shinies
Ennui / Eighteen 7inch
22 Oct 2012September Girls
Wanting More 7inch
Nov 2012Novella
Mary's Gun 7inch
3 Dec 2012Keel Her
Riot Grrrl 7inch
3 Dec 2012Peach Kelli Pop
12 Dec 2012V/A
A Christmas Gift For You From Elefant Records LP
Dec 2012


Best Coast, Wavves
Summer is Forever Tour 7inch
Jan 2011Minks
By The Hedge LP
12 Jan 2011
Captured TracksThe Vaccines
Post Break-Up Sex 7inch
23 Jan 2011
ColumbiaCraft Spells
After The Moment 7inch
27 Jan 2011
One By Words 7inch
27 Jan 2011Teams vs. Star Slinger - S/T 12inch
28 Jan 2011Puro Instinct
Stilyagi 7inch
Jan 2011Keep Shelly In Athens
Hauntin' Me 7inch
21 Feb 2011
Blowing Kisses 7inch
21 Feb 2011
Young And Lost ClubPuro Instinct
Headbangers In Ecstasy
24 Feb 2011Golden Grrrls
28 Feb 2011Dirty Beaches / Conor Prendergast
Split 7inch
7 Mar 2011
Soft PowerCraft Spells
Idle Labor LP
29 Mar 2011
Captured TracksBlouse
Into Black 7inch
29 Mar 2011
Captured TracksBodega Girls
Et Tu, Bootay? 10inch
29 Mar 2011Dirty Beaches
29 Mar 2011U.S. Girls / Dirty Beaches
Split 7inch
Mar 2011
Sibling SexPurity Ring
Ungirthed 7inch
12 Apr 2011
TransparentThe View
I Need That Record 7inch
16 Apr 2011
Sony (1965)Beach Fossils / Wild Nothing
Gruesome Flowers
16 Apr 2011Yuck
Get Away
May 2011Melted Toys / Dominant Legs
Split 7inch
21 Jun 2011Ela Orleans / Dirty Beaches
Double Feature 12inch
21 Jun 2011Sun Glitters
Everything Could Be Fine LP/CD
Jun 2011
LebensStrasseEcho Lake
Another Day 7inch
18 Jul 2011
Hell, Yes!Bleached
Carter 7inch
19 Jul 2011The Tamborines - Black & Blue / Indian Hill
25 Jul 2011Allo Darlin'
22 Aug 2011Hausu
Hausu EP
Jul 2011Widowspeak
9 Aug 2011Oupa
Forget CS
15 Aug 2011Blood Diamonds
Grins 7inch
22 Aug 2011Fear of Men
Ritual Confession 7inch
22 Aug 2011Keep Shelly in Athens / Disclosure
Late Night Later Night Cassette
30 Aug 2011
Loud And QuietLo-Fi-Fnk
The Last Summer
31 Aug 2011Total Babes
Swimming Through Sunlight LP/CD/CS
30 Aug 2011Veronica Falls
21 Sep 2011Being There
The Radio CD
13 Oct 2011Veronica Falls
Covers 12inch
17 Oct 2011
Bella Union/Rough TradeGuatafan - Chicas De Oro
Oct 2011Blouse
1 Nov 2011Keep Shelly In Athens
Our Own Dream EP 12inch
5 Nov 2011
Forest Family RecordsRoberto Cacciapaglia
The Ann Steel Album LP
7 Nov 2011Colleen Green
8 Nov 2011Golden Grrrls
New Pops 7inch
14 Nov 2011
Night SchoolKorallreven
An Album By Korallreven
15 Nov 2011The History Of Apple Pie
You're So Cool 7inch
2011The History Of Apple Pie
Mallory 7inch
14 Nov 2011
Roundtable RecordsCoasting
You're Never Going Back LP/CD
15 Nov 2011
Roman Holiday / My Stupid Brain 7inch
21 Nov 2011Smilelove
Njajaja 7inch
Nov 2011Little Racer
Split For The Coast 7inch
5 Dec 2011Bleached
Searching Through The Past 7inch
6 Dec 2011
Suicide Squeeze RecordsTennis
Origins 7inch
6 Dec 2011
Forest Family RecordsFear Of Men
Alice Munro Demos Cassette
11 Dec 2011
Fear Of MenGirls
Lawrence 7inch
12 Dec 2011
Fantasy Trashcan / TurnstileKeep Shelly In Athens
Campus Martius 12inch
13 Dec 2011
Planet MuDive
20 Dec 2011Crocodiles & Dum Dum Girls
Merry Xmas, Baby 7inch
24 Dec 2011
Hell, Yes!The Black Tambourines
Chica EP Cassette
Dec 2011
Art Is Hard RecordsBleached
Francis EP 7Dirty Beaches
No Fun 7inch


Active Child
She Was A Vision 7inch
11 Jan 2010
TransparentBest Coast
Something In The Way 7inch
2 Feb 2010
Post Present MidiumPete & The Pirates
Jennifer 7inch
5 Feb 2010Girls
Morning Light 7inch
22 Feb 2010Cloud Nothings
Morgan 7inch
23 Feb 2010
Group TightenerPerfume Genius
Mr Petersen 7inch
23 Feb 2010
TransparentYuck / Herzog
Split 7inch
15 Mar 2010
TransparentThe Drums
Best Friend 7inch
29 Mar 2010Smith Westerns / Magic Kids
Split 7inch
27 Apr 2010
Fat PossumKisses
Bermuda 7inch
7 May 2010
Sun Bronzed Greek Godz 10inch
4 Jun 2010Teenage Fanclub
Baby Lee 7inch
7 Jun 2010Veronica Falls
Beachy Head 7inch
14 Jun 2010
No Pain In PopDeath In Plains
Mustard Polo EP 10inch
4 Jul 2010
DiscErrorMr. Little Jeans
Angel EP 7inch
6 Jul 2010
Neon GoldYu(c)k
Weakend CS
19 Jul 2010
Mirror UniverseCloud Nothings
Didn’t You 7inch
19 Jul 2010
Old Flame RecordsDirty Beaches
True Blue 7inch
27 Jul 2010
Zoo MusicThe Knocks
Make It Better 7inch
27 Jul 2010
Neon GoldMinks
Ophelia 7inch
Jul 2010Blackbird Blackbird / Pao Pao Featuring Prizes
Split 7inch
4 Aug 2010
Double DenimCrocodiles
Sleep Forever
17 Aug 2010Craft Spells
Party Talk 7inch
17 Sep 2010James Blake
27 Sep 2010Museum Of Bellas Artes
Watch The Glow 7inch
11 Oct 2010
TransparentBand A Part
No Se Por Que 7inch
11 Oct 2010Tennis
South Carolina 7inch
29 Oct 2010
Fire TalkSeapony
Dreaming 7inch
15 Nov 2010
Double DenimMuseum Of Bellas Artes
Days Ahead EP
15 Nov 2010Yuck
Georgia 7inch
23 Nov 2010
Fat PossumUnknown Mortal Orchestra
s/t 7inch
13 Dec 2010
The Sound Of Sweet NothingZoo Kid
Out Getting Ribs 7inch
Dec 2010
House AnxietyCatwalk
(Please) Don't Break Me 7inch
Dec 2010Minks
Funeral Song 7inch
Captured Tracks


Swanton Bombs
Mammoth Skull 7inch + CD
19 Jan 2009
QuiffThe Soft Pack
Nightlife 7inch
4 Feb 2009
CaspianThe Joy Formidable
Cradle 2x7inch
18 Feb 2009
Try HarderTwo Door Cinema Club
Something Good Can Work 7inch
30 Mar 2009
Photobooth / Weightless 7inch
30 Mar 2009
Young and Lost ClubLemonade
Big Weekend 7inch
19 Apr 2009
Pure GrooveThe Phenomenal Handclap Band
15 to 20 7inch
4 May 2009
HeavenlyVivian Girls
Moped Girls 7inch 
7 May 2009
For UsThe Kick Inside
Oh, Vanity! 7inch
8 May 2009The Lodger
I Think I Need You EP 7inch
15 May 2009
ElefantSlow Club
It Doesn't Have to Be Beautiful 7inch
29 Jun 2009
Moshi MoshiYour Twenties
Billionaires 7inch
27 Jul 2009
Neon GoldCrocodiles
I Wanna Kill 7inch
3 Aug 2009
Sex BeatThe Supernovas
Ace Face 7inch
3 Aug 2009Girls
Lust For Life 7inch
7 Sep 2009
Fantasy Trashcan (Turnstile)Emil & Friends
Downed Economy 7inch
21 Sep 2009
TransparentWashed Out
Feel It All Around 7inch
5 Oct 2009
TransparentBest Coast
Sun Was High (So Was I) 7inch
Art FagBest Coast
Make You Mine 7inch
11 Oct 2009
Group TightenerDeath In Plains
Over And Above 7inch
23 Nov 2009
DiscErrorSmall Black
Despicable Dogs 7inch
30 Nov 2009
TransparentThe Soft Pack
Answer To Yourself 7inch
4 Dec 2009
HeavenlyJulian Casablancas
I Wish It Was Christmas Today 7inch
21 Dec 2009
Rough TradeCrocodiles
Neon Jesus 7inch
Dec 2009Crocodiles
Outlaw Blues 7inch
2009Crocodiles / Grafitti Island / Dum Dum Girls / PENS
Split 7inch
Art FagWild Nothing
Summer Holiday 7inch
2009Best Coast
When I'm With You 7inch


Golden Silvers
Arrows Of Eros 7inch
14 Jul 2008
Young And Lost ClubThe Ruling Class
Flowers / If You Wonder 7inch
21 Jul 2008
Label FandangoDas Pop
Underground 7inch
4 Aug 2008
SonyTilly & The Wall
Beat Control / Too Excited 7inch
15 Sep 2008
Moshi MoshiLos Campesinos! / No Age / Times New Viking
Shred Yr Face Tour 7inch
13 Oct 2008
Rough TradeHot Silk Pockets
Panda Eyes 7inch
11 Nov 2008The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart
Everything With You 7inch
17 Nov 2008
Fortuna Pop / SlumberlandYour Twenties
Caught Wheel 7inch
21 Nov 2008
Germs Of YouthStill Flyin'
Good Thing Its A Ghost Town Around Here 7inch
24 Nov 2008
Moshi Moshi Singles Clubexlovers
Just A Silhouette 7inch
8 Dec 2008
Chess Club


The Displacements
Lazy Bones 7inch
17 Dec 2007